Sabado, Nobyembre 24, 2012

I'll be fine, SOON


You are very blessed to have one that really lasts.
 In my case I almost have one, one that's almost perfect.
 I don't know if I lost it or it just became numb. 
All I know is that I knew I can't push it to come back in the way it was before. 
Maybe our hearts grown tired. 
Maybe we could no longer make it to go on.
Though we both tried our hardest to hold back for as hard as we could.
Still, that wasn't enough. Still, there's something missing.
I guess, we should start to accept that what we have is one of a failing relationship. :'( 
For in fact, God has a better plan to both of us than we have for ourselves. 
Plastic ako kung sasabihin kong nagsisisi ako sa mga nangyari, NO! 
During my past relationships, I always felt thankful. 
I was always grateful for every opportunity that God has given me.
There I'd experienced to love, appreciate and care for the people that I want to care for.

I was proud that after this downfall I was able to stood up and smile again.
I never lose faith that someday, God will send me the guy that was really meant for me. 
One, who wouldn't promise that he won't hurt me but just never does. 
One, where I can fully be myself w/ no limits and hesitations. 
One, who will totally accept everything about me.
 One, who will treat me like I'm his everything.
One. who'll be willing to give me the world just to see me happy.

I won't give up.
I will just keep on praying, hoping and waiting.
 I know someday, someone will take care of me and be a greater lover than I am. 
For now, I will just only enjoy self time.
For now, I shall discover a lot about what I dream and aspire.
For now, I shall loved myself more than anyone.


There's nothing more I can do for him, I can only pray for him to find acceptance and be positive.
I know one day it'll all be fine.
We can grow from these pains and feel new again.
Years may past and we'll see each other again.
I hope when that time comes,we'll be both fully recovered.
And we're finally be well grown ups'.

Move on. Love yourself. Enjoy self time. Mindset. Focus. Fight. Have faith.
Then God, will do the rest.

 .To my future lover,
 I hate you for being lazy. 
But I don't care, I love you anyways.

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